Virtual Course – Launching June 15 2021

An Introduction to Ancient Rome: Engineering & Architecture of the Eternal City

Facilitated directly from Rome itself

The only course of its kind currently available

Hosted by a world-renowned expert

TV host Dr Darius Arya, PhD, will take you through each module

Offering unrivalled access and knowledge

Available at an affordable and accessible cost

Self-paced and open access

Access the course materials at your leisure


How many modules will there?

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There will be 10 modules in total, each comprising a video lecture, supporting materials (written and video), as well as further recommended reading to advance your knowledge.

What will the course cover?

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With an original AIRC digital model of Rome we’ll explore Rome’s geology, history, building materials, the Forum, Imperial Fora, religious sites and practices, daily life, entertainment venues, and explore Ostia Antica!

Can I complete the course at my own pace?

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The course can be completed at whatever pace is best for you – once signed-up, you can progress through the modules at your leisure, and come back to them at any point.

When will the course launch?

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The course will launch on June 15 2021 – we are accepting pre-registrations for anyone interesting in joining the course. It’s free to pre-register – just scroll to the bottom of this page.

Will I receive a certificate of participation?

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Yes, absolutely! All participants will receive a certificate of participation, confirming they have completed the course and its full itinerary.


The course will launch June 15 2021

The complete cost will be $140.00

Register now your interest using the form below, or click here to make a payment and secure your spot as places will be limited.

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