What is Ancient Rome Live?

Ancient Rome live is a free educational learning platform that presents Rome, its urban development, its monuments, the cities of its vast empire and many special topics.¬†Ancient Rome Live covers more than 3000 years of Rome’s history through;
  • Origins
  • Republic
  • Imperial
  • Late Antique
  • Medieval
  • Renaissance
  • Fascist
  • Contemporary capital of Italy

How you can learn about Ancient Rome:

  • Video
  • Text
  • Photo
  • Podcast
  • Livestream


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Our Mission

To present the best quality educational multimedia content on ancient Rome and Empire, from origins to decline and fall to its lasting legacy.


The American Institute for Roman Culture has been active in Rome for over 17 years with teaching and excavations and heritage preservation initiatives. In the past five years AIRC have become a real online leader on various social media platforms, amplified. by Darius Arya’s international tv hosting and collaborations with the city of Rome, museums of the city of Rome, national superintendency, MiBACT, and a robust amount of travel throughout Italy and throughout the Roman Empire. These accumulated experiences and travels have become the content on Rome and Empire that we share on Ancient Rome Live.


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