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From The American Institute from Roman Culture

The American Institute for Roman Culture has been active in Rome for over 17 years with teaching and excavations and heritage preservation initiatives. In the past five years AIRC have become a real online leader on various social media platforms, amplified by Darius Arya’s international TV hosting and collaborations with the city of Rome, museums of the city of Rome, national superintendency, MiBACT, and a robust amount of travel throughout Italy and throughout the Roman Empire.

These accumulated experiences and travels have become the content on Rome and Empire that we share on Ancient Rome Live.

To provide unique access to ancient Rome, its empire, and its legacy. To serve as an educational forum to explore:

- Architecture, engineering, artistic legacy
- Multiculturalism and migration
- Economics
- Food and agriculture
- Cultural continuity and evolution over 3000 years
- Ancient religions
- Heritage preservation


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Founder & Director

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Content Director

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Contributor Coordinator

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Photography & Social Media

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Social Media

Griffin Lichtenson

Community Management

Jackson Schranck

Web Content Coordinator

Michael Bartlet

Web Content Coordinator

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