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Ancient Rome Live

From The American Institute from Roman Culture

The American Institute for Roman Culture has been active in Rome for 20 years by providing educational courses and leading excavations and heritage preservation initiatives. In the past five years AIRC has become a leader in open-source digital education on Ancient Rome.

The AIRC’s mission has been amplified by Darius Arya’s international TV hosting and collaborations with the city of Rome, museums of the city of Rome, national superintendency, and MiBACT, and a robust amount of travel throughout Italy and throughout the Roman Empire to create the content shared on Ancient Rome Live.

As a multidisciplinary learning hub, Ancient Rome Live provides unique access to ancient Rome, its empire, and its legacy, providing content produced on location.


Collaborating for shared success

We are proud to partner with the following organisations, to further education about ancient Rome, and free access to original and engaging content.

We’re always on the lookout for new partners to help in this mission.

If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch today to discuss opportunities with our team.



St. Stephen's School

St. Stephen's School in Rome is a prestigious academic institution that features as one of its core experiences an immersive study of Ancient Rome. Now an academic supporting institution of the institute and Ancient Rome Live, the Institute developing an original series on the Ancient Economy in Rome and videos on Latin inscriptions for the current students and all students of ancient Rome.

NC State University

Virtual Rome spring program with NCSU College of Design - The Institute virtually hosts an architecture of ancient Rome lecture series, including urban planning, building materials, Pantheon, Colosseum, Imperial Baths, and a live walk through the city, for students from the College of Design. At the culmination of the lectures, a select group of students will continue the program with an intense two week session to produce original content with drawings, computer modeling, animation and more, addressing some of ancient Rome's thorniest engineering and architecture issues. How did they do it? It's an opportunity for architecture students to immerse themselves in the materials and construction process that have withstood the test of time.


National Roman Museum

Uffizi Galleries


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Ancient Rome Live has been cited in:

For the gladiators it may have been a day in the office, but for anyone else this was a terrifying place to be...

Darius Arya, Ancient Rome Live DirectorFrom 'Colosseum’s lifts return from depths of history' - Sunday times article (June 27 2021) about the opening of the Colosseum's hypogeum

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