Exclusive Digital Events Live From Rome

Hosted by Ancient Rome Live creator Darius Arya

Join Ancient Rome Live creator Darius Arya, direct from the Eternal City for an unforgettable series with original videos, up-to-date and with special and exclusive access to ancient Rome.

Relevant and timely topics each month will transport you to Rome to learn about the big issues facing the city.

Last Sunday of every month, 9pm Rome time

One hour lecture plus Q&A

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January 31

Mausoleum of Augustus

Restoring a Colossal Monument
February 28

A New Floor for the Colosseum

Reconstructing history
March 28

Rediscovering Caligula’s Gardens

Exploring Rome’s “Craziest” Emperor and His Architecture
April 25

Imperial Baths

Engineering and urban planning
May 30

Torlonia Marbles Exhibit

Examining a unique collection
September 26

The Roman Forum

What’s new in the epicenter of ancient Rome
October 31

History Happened Here

Where Rome changed the world
November 28

The Wonders of Ancient Rome

7 incredible constructions
December 28

The lost monuments of Ancient Rome

Gone but not forgotten