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Key information:


Birthdate: December 15, 37 CE.

(Suetonius, Life of Nero, 6)

Birthplace: Antium, Italy.

(Suetonius, Life of Nero, 6)

Reign: Named emperor in the will of his predecessor, Claudius, who died on October 13, 54 CE.

(Suetonius, Life of Nero, 8)

Marriages: Nero had numerous romantic entanglements. He was married to three different women, and may have married two men as well.

Claudia Octavia (54-62 CE)

(Suetonius, Life of Nero, 7)

Poppaea Sabina (62-65 CE)

(Suetonius, Life of Nero, 35)

Statilia Messalina (66-68 CE)

(Suetonius, Life of Nero, 35)


Pythagoras (freedman) (64-?)

(Tacitus, Annals, Book 15, 37)

Sporus (freedman) (66/67-?)

(Suetonius, Life of Nero, 28)


Claudia Augusta (daughter by Poppaea Sabina)

(Suetonius, Life of Nero, 35)

Death: Died on June 9, 68 CE. Committed suicide with the help of his freedman, Epaphroditos.

(Suetonius, Life of Nero, 49)

Head of Nero in the Palatine Antiquarium, Rome, 21st April 2019
Modern Statue of Nero by Claudio Valenti, in modern Anzio,  20th July 2019.
Upper portion of a statue of Nero, British Museum Nero Exhibition, loaned from Cagliari Archaeological Museum, 2nd June 2021

Famous facts and dates

Nero became emperor in 54 CE, when he was only 17 years old.
(Suetonius, Life of Nero, 8)
Nero was emperor during the Great Fire of Rome (64 CE), which burned more than half of the city. He blamed the fire on Rome's Christian population and had hundreds executed.
(Suetonius, Life of Nero, 38)
Nero built a vast imperial mansion known as the domus aurea (golden house), which was completed in 68 CE.
(Suetonius, Life of Nero, 31)

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