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Discover the amazing collection of art housed in the historic Palazzo Altemps museum, one of four museums that constitute the Museo Nazionale Romano. Through a special collaboration between the American Institute and Museo Nazionale Romano, join archaeologist Darius Arya for an exclusive introduction to the site, to be followed by a series of individual videos that take a deep dive into individual artifacts from this rich assembly of ancient art from Rome’s central monuments, including the world famous Ludovisi Collection. In this introductory video, we discuss the following works of art:

  • Electra and Orestes (signed by sculptor Menalaus, pupil of Stephanos)
  • Ludovisi Ares
  • Ludovisi Throne
  • Ludovisi Juno
  • Ludovisi Sarcophagus
  • Ludovisi Gaul and wife

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Where in Rome is Palazzo Altemps?

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