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Explore the Crypta Balbi Museum (Museo delle Terme). This museum boasts three distinct archaeological sites that you can explore, as well as a collection from the excavations of those sites, tracing their development from the portico of the Theater of Balbus to the Medieval Age that saw the rise of several industries busy with recycling the ancient remains. Visit the Crypta Balbi museum and sites with host Darius Arya, as part of our collaboration with Museo Nazionale Romano. The museum includes engaging didactic materials and reconstructions alongside finds from the Medieval kiln in the portico apse, section of imperial neighborhood (with a Mithraeum), frescoes and inscriptions from other chronologically -related sites in Rome. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn about Imperial Rome that became Medieval Rome- busy with activity and industriousness.

Crypta Balbi (Museo Nazionale Romano)

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