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Join Darius Arya for an Ancient Rome Live exclusive. You’ll journey down the 300+ mile long Via Appia, which was created in 312 BC. Departing from Rome, you will walk through and fly over (with original drone footage) some of Italy’s most scenic locations, where the Via Appia passed by! It’s an epic journey you won’t want to miss! Starting with this introductory video, you’ll begin to understand the extent of the voyage, which will continue in 8 original videos. Subscribe to be the first to know when we publish new videos! In this episode we will review the historical importance of the Via Appia, why it was made, and who made it. Then we’ll take a look at some of the highlights – cities and monuments- traversed by the Via Appia, Rome’s Queen of Roads. This introductory video establishes the parameters and distance covered, from Rome to Brindisi, in a new, original 8 part series. Be sure to subscribe to watch all Via Appia episodes!

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