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The White Marbles of Rome

Sunday April 11, 9pm Rome time (find your timezone here)

Marbles help define imperial Rome in the form of statuary, columns, and architectural features.  They were not uniform in quality and appearance, and, though poorly preserved, a wide variety of colors were applied to the white statuary marble.  We will take a particular look at the Augustus Prima Porta statue and the Ara Pacis monument to address the paint typically applied to marble in the ancient world.  We will also look at the defining characteristics of the white marbles of Rome, from the Italic Luna/ Carrara marble, to the Attic Pentelic, to the Turkish Proconnesian and Docimium, to the Greek island quarries of Thasos and Paros.


The Month of May in Ancient Rome

Sunday May 2, 9pm Rome time (find your timezone here)

May included special attention to Mars,Mercury, Vulcan, Flora, Bona Dia, and Fortuna Primigenia, as well as the festival of the dead, the Lemuria. Many important dates featured prominently, from Crassus’ death at Carrhae in 53, to the famous abdication of Diocletian and Maximian. Constantine also figures prominently this month- his foundation of Constantinople, death, and Constantinople’s fall to the Ottomans. Let’s explore the month of May in Ancient Rome!

Just How Clean was Bathing in Ancient Rome?

Sunday May 9, 9pm Rome time (find your timezone here)

Public and private bathing in Rome was a mainstay of the imperial city experience. Copious amounts of water from multiple aqueducts flowed into a complex distribution center for public fountains, private homes, and baths, especially those financed by the emperors.  These “terme” were as large as an average Roman town.  But how clean was the water in the tepidarium, caladium, and frigidarium?  Let’s look at the ancient sources and recent archaeological evidence for a fresh look at the bathing experience in imperial Rome.

The Month of June in Ancient Rome

Sunday June 6, 9pm Rome time (find your timezone here)

June kicked off with the anniversary of the famous Temple of Juno Moneta on the Capitoline hill.  It was a month dedicated to several temple dedications, including temples of Fortuna, Hercules, Bellona and more. The stand-out festivals of Vestalia and Matralia provide real insight into the well being of the state and specific rites only for women.

The Colored Marbles of Ancient Rome

Sunday June 13, 9pm Rome time (find your timezone here)

With conquest and empire, Romans brought imported a whole range of colored marbles.  Ultimately, many of the quarries came under imperial control, from all over the Mediterranean, especially Spain to Tunisia and Algeria, Egypt, and Greece and Turkey.  Let’s explore the varieties and how the Romans used them for statuary, columns, architectural features, and more.

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