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Birthdate: November 16, 42 BCE

(Suetonius, Life of Tiberius, 5)

Birthplace: Rome, Italy

(Suetonius, Life of Tiberius, 5)

Reign: Declared emperor by the Roman senate on September 18, 14 CE.

(Tacitus, Annals, 1.12-13) (Suetonius, Life of Tiberius, 24)


Vipsania Agrippina (19–11 BC)

(Suetonius, Life of Tiberius, 7)

Julia (11–2 BC)

(Suetonius, Life of Tiberius, 7 & 11.4)


Drusus (son by Vipsania)

(Suetonius, Life of Tiberius, 7)

Death: Died on March 16, 37 CE in Misenum, Italy. Cause of death is disputed, may have died of natural causes or been assassinated on the orders of Caligula (his heir) or Macro (his praetorian prefect).

(Suetonius, Life of Tiberius, 72 & 73) (Tacitus, Annals, 6.50)

Bust of Tiberius  in the Musei Capitolini, Rome, 6th September 2019
Portrait of Tiberius, National Archaeological Museum of Naples,  October 12th 2018.
Portrait of Tiberius, Copenhagen Glyptotek,  September 18th 2019.

Famous facts and dates

Tiberius was a skilled general. In 6 BCE, under Augustus, he added large swaths of territory to the empire and helped protect its Rhine and Danube frontiers.
(Suetonius, Life of Tiberius, 16-20)
Tiberius retired from public life when he was emperor, choosing to live in Capri from 26 CE - 37 CE.
(Suetonius, Life of Tiberius, 39-40)
Tiberius gave his praetorian prefect Sejanus large amounts of power and authority, allowing him to run the empire in his absence before ordering his execution in 31 CE.
(Suetonius, Life of Tiberius, 65) (Tacitus, Annals, 4.1)
Tiberius was emperor when Jesus of Nazareth was crucified in 33 CE.
(Luke 3:1)

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