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Birthdate: October 24, 51 CE.

(Suetonius, Life of Domitian, 1)

Birthplace: Rome, Italy.

(Suetonius, Life of Domitian, 1)

Reign: Domitian became emperor following the death of his older brother and predecessor, Titus. He was declared emperor by the Roman senate on September 14, 81 CE.

(Cassius Dio, Roman History, 66.26)


Domitia Longina 

(Suetonius, Life of Domitian, 1)


Unnamed son (by Domitia Longina)

(Suetonius, Life of Domitian, 3)

Death: Domitian was assassinated by a group of imperial slaves and freedmen on September 18, 96 CE.

(Suetonius, Life of Domitian, 17)

Statue of Domitian, Vatican Museums, Vatican City, April 2017
Portrait of Domitian, Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, Rome, December 2018.
Portrait of Domitian, Centrale Montemartini, Rome, February 2019.

Famous facts and dates

Domitian ordered the construction of the Limes Germanicus, a line of defensive fortifications which bordered the Rhine frontier.
(Suetonius, Life of Domitian, 2) (Cassius Dio, Roman History, 67.4)
Domitian’s death marked the end of the Flavian dynasty, which had ruled from 69 CE to 96 CE.
(Suetonius, Life of Domitian, 17)
Domitian was despised by the Roman senate. Following his death, the senate condemned Domitian's memory and ordered all statues and images of him destroyed. Despite this, Domitian remained popular with the common people and the army.
(Suetonius, Life of Domitian, 23) (Cassius Dio, Roman History, 68.1)

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