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An ancient road, the Argiletum led you into the forum from the Subura, Rome‚Äôs crowded slum district. The road was lined with booksellers and cobblers, according to Martial. Domitian¬†made the roadway into a narrow¬†forum, the Forum Transitorium,¬†ultimately dedicated¬†by Nerva in 97. This arcaded street (with¬†a¬†Temple of Minerva) was a truly magnificent entry into the Forum Romanum.¬† It concluded between the Basilica Aemilia/ Paulli and Curia Iulia. Beyond it you had a¬†perfectly¬†framed¬†view of the¬†late third/ fourth century AD¬†(Diocletianic)¬†column, later called the Column of¬†Phocas¬†in your sightline for the entire walk down the road.¬†Wheel ruts¬†are still visible by the still standing columns,¬†known as “le Colonnacce.”¬†¬†The remains of a¬†9/10C house sits in the middle the roadway, found in the 1990s excavations, a sign of how much Rome had deteriorated in the medieval period.

Where in Rome is the Argiletum?

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