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The via Appia is an engineering wonder, and it also included draining a huge swamp: the Pontine Marshes! From the Alban hills to the Pontine Marshes, we’ll explore a number of impressive engineering feats undertaken to create the important route, including the viaduct of Ariccia and the draining of the Pontine Marshes. There are many protagonists along the way who still speak to use through their monumental tombs. In particular we’ll take a look at the tomb of the freed slave Clesippus, whose grand tomb stands nobly along the via Appia still today, though largely forgotten to most. Our journey allows us to delve into the rich history of the via Appia, with many hidden sites, like the Tripontium bridge. We’ve only just begun with this episode 2. Follow along for all 8 episodes on Ancient Rome Live! No one is presenting Ancient Rome on YouTube like us – with fresh, original content filmed on location.

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