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This refers to the period of the seven kings of Rome, beginning with Rome’s founder, Romulus, son of Mars and Rhea Silvia. Archaeology and oral tradition and myth surround much of the historical investigations of this time. There are a surprising number of richly preserved sites, with new discoveries made even in recent years (6C BC temple on Quirinal hill).  These rulers rapidly expanded Rome’s territory (e.g., Ancus founded Ostia Antica at the mouth of the Tiber River) and the city boundaries (Servian Wall).  The last three kings were Etruscan, and the final king Tarquinius the Proud was expelled, paving the way for the Republic of Rome.

Romulus  753 (foundation of Rome)- 717

Numa Pompilius  716- 673

Tullius Hostilius  673-642

Ancus Marcius  640-616

Tarquinius Priscus 616-579

Servius Tullius  578-535

Tarquinius Superbus  535- 509

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Where were the s
ights of Rome in the Regal Period?

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