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Julius Caesar enacted a rebuilding of the Curia, eliminated the Comitium, and moved the rostra as a stand-alone monument on the west side of the forum. He also began to rebuild the Basilica Sempronia as the Basilica IuliaAugustus completed these projects and added many of his own, often reconstructions under the name of his friends and allies.  Plancus rebuilt the Temple of Saturn.  Tiberius rebuilt the Temple of Concordia and Temple of the Castores. Calvinus rebuilt the Regia. Nero saw to reconstruction of the parts of the forum damaged by the fire of 64, including the Atrium Vestae as well as a new porticoed walkway down the Via Sacra from the Velia hill. The Flavians added the Temple of Vespasian on the Capitoline slopes. Major additions in the second century included the Temple of Faustina and Antoninus Pius and The third century saw the inclusion of the Arch of Septimius Severus.  The fire of 283 led to the rebuilding of the Basilica Iulia and Curia Iulia.  The reign of Diocletian or Constantine witnessed the installation of the honorary columns that now fronted the facade of the Basilica Iulia, creating an impressive colonnade for those entering the forum from the principal entry street of the Argiletum through the Forum Transitorium.  Constantine added an equestrian statue in the forum piazza in line with his new rostra, on the eastern side of the forum piazza.

What did the Roman Forum look like in the Imperial Period?

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